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Friday, March 29, 2013

Mock-up block

Today I drove over to Lebanon Vacuum and Sewing and wished I could have had a half-yard of just about everything, drool... As it was, I found the perfect flannel fabric (photo to come later) for backing the Rockin' Rail Fence quilt. It was almost exactly what I had envisioned, which I didn't really expect.

I picked up a couple of other fabrics while I was there. And then I came home, cut and seamed the backing fabric, and started working on my Jared Takes a Wife block. I had pulled out several fabrics yesterday afternoon based on my mock-up in EQ7. I thought they all worked pretty well together, but when I actually started sewing them, the inner star points were just too dark and indistinct. So I took those back off and tried a different inner star point fabric (actually one that I bought today). This lent a completely different look to the block, which negated the inner square fabrics I had planned on using. After searching through my stash for about 30 more minutes, I finally found some fabrics that would work well. Here are a couple of photos - the first using a flash, the second no flash, which is darker, but the flash causes the metallic to really flare, so that you can't see the color underneath.

I've decided this quilt will be the perfect gift for our longtime friends Jeff & Jennifer. I will have to be careful and deliberate when piecing, with the design choices I've made (directional fabric in the inner star points, browns for one side and blues for the other side of the outer star points), but I am very pleased with this, and looking forward to taking Bonnie's class to learn all her tips and tricks and make some good progress on the blocks.

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