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Saturday, April 06, 2013

A little strip piecing

This morning when I got up, I went into my sewing room and my intention was to tidy up a little bit, and put some things away. Boy did those plans go off the rails! I saw the fabrics I had gotten for Eldon, and decided, in order to put them away properly, I should go ahead and cut some strips for the stars and log cabins.

I cut some strips

Then I cut some more strips

And I was so pleased with what I saw that I wanted to sew the strips into strip sets. Of course, I couldn't stop there - I had to cut them into diamonds to see what they are going to look like when pieced. These are not yet pieced into stars. But they're so pretty anyway - and CC likes them too (no, this is MY quilt - he gets Rockin' Rail Fence). :)

I was thinking of trying to tidy up some now - but who am I kidding? I will probably cut some more strips... LOL! Then it's an afternoon of cross stitching with friends I haven't seen in a while - what an awesome day!

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