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Friday, April 12, 2013

Cincinnati fun

Wednesday a friend and I left for Cincinnati to go to the International Quilt Festival and visit a quilt shop near there. We just returned (a whirlwind trip, for sure!), and came back with bags much fuller than when we left.

Preview night was much less crowded than the regular quilt show days, totally worth it - easier to see the quilts, and easier to get around in the vendor booths. I'm not going to share pictures of any of the quilts, but I will show you my new stash.

I picked up some more of my favorite Aurifil colors, plus one spool of King Tut from Superior Threads. Also from Superior, I got one of each of the SuperBOBs, The Bottom Line version - these should be good for appliqué. Bottom right are some little 6 inch scraps that I got during one visit to The Quilt Box - more on that later.

We saw this awesome quilt in the Paper Pieces booth, a variation on a quilt in the Hexa Go-Go book called Over the Rainbow Quilt (like this one, only with black sashing, and made completely with batiks, swoon!), and were so impressed, we both got more paper hexagons (and several other paper pieces like pentagons because I want to make one of these fabric bowls and diamonds), and picked up these really cute little packs of 2½ inch square fabrics from Moda called Moda Candy (aka Mini Charms). Realizing that those were perfect for the 1-inch hexies, I also found some batik charm packs (you can make 4 hexies from each of those!) called Kapalua, Color Splash, and Over the Rainbow. I tore into these when we got back to the hotel room, and here are all the hexies I made in one evening.

This is a closeup of two of the blocks in that quilt I mentioned earlier. I love this idea! I think that I'm going to use a combination of batiks and other prints in mine though...

Okay, back to stash additions...

I am trying to build my neutrals / lights and I need lots of these for several quilts I'm working on, including Jared Takes a Wife. About 1:00 a.m. this morning I woke up and realized that I need a variety of lights for the sashing that I want to do for that quilt, and I also needed the green for the sashing triangles at the edges, plus a fabric for the sashing squares and couple more fabrics for the outer stars (blues and browns), so those are all shown here. That stair steppers package of batiks is the only one that made it home with me, but I put my fingers all over the other packages - they had so many colors, it was so tempting but also so hard to choose, so I just chose the one.

Besides... I don't think I have mentioned yet that The Quilt Box was celebrating their 30th anniversary this week, and all fabric and patterns were 25% off! I took great advantage of the sale, and got a variety of ¼ yard cuts of batiks.

And a few other fabrics (trying to beef up my greens - my stash is not great which is strange considering that green is my favorite color).

Back at the show, these are some fat quarters I picked up - part of the top two rows were packaged together, the rest were individual fat quarters.

And finally, I stopped in Primitive Gatherings booth and got more O 540 Valdani pearl cotton for my Fall Frolic (I am getting very close to the end of the first ball!) and could not pass up some more greens and another pack of assorted dark, rich colors that I can use in Hop To It. Bottom left is a pattern for a quilted sweatshirt I want to do (the model was gorgeous, and I don't have one yet). I also saw the cutest shop model at The Quilt Box - Live, Love, Laugh, and Feed the Cat, and had to have the pattern (bottom right). It is small, and I'll probably hang it in my sewing room when I get it done.

I got a few other things - a ruler I didn't have, a new small pair of scissors, a package of needles, some ruler grips, Mistyfuse to try, replacement Martelli Ergo rotary cutters for the two that were broken (I thought they were guaranteed, found out that they are not, and that they no longer like to replace them at shows). They did replace mine at half-price, but seeing how one of them was almost brand new, I didn't really feel like that was a great deal - the spring was broken on both, not my fault, I think it is a design flaw. I went ahead and replaced them this time, but I will not be getting them again, and I will be looking for a replacement in the future. Oh, and I got one of those sticky rollers that you rinse off - I am constantly having to buy the tape ones for clothing (cats, you know), and so it will be good to keep one at work and one at home - plus one in the sewing room to pick up the lint from the ironing board, etc.

We had an absolutely fabulous time, and I totally feel like we got our money's worth. Tomorrow is Super Second Saturday (block of the month), plus Marita called me to let me know that my hexie die is finally here, so I'll get to pick that up too! Looking forward to the weekend off, plus Monday and Tuesday.

Oh, and one more picture to share before going to play some more - my sock is about ready to start the heel.

I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up - retired! Until then, I'll just have to plan some more vacation days.

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