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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Jared Takes a Wife class

Today's class was so much fun! Bonnie showed me her current hexagon quilt in progress, and I am going to try some of her tips with basting and adding hexagons (as soon as I get to where I don't have any more made up).

Here are the results of today's class - I managed to finish (after a couple of false starts) two more blocks - the original one is the bottom left, the other two were pieced together today.

Bonnie had her quilt model in the front of the classroom. Near the end of the day, we noticed there had been an addition to the quilt. Then there were several more additions. Not everyone got to add their blocks, but several of us did, and here is Bonnie with our "embellishments."

And a view from the left instead of the right

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