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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trying to make a little progress on a lot of things

Before I get to stuff I worked on this weekend, I have to share my latest progress picture of Kitty Litter - I actually got this far before I went to Cincinnati, but didn't get a picture taken until today. I just worked on the third little kitten this time.

Yesterday I finally finished the stitching on Block F of Fall Frolic. This one was a huge block. I love the colors used in it, and it really is the perfect centerpiece for the quilt.

Before I went to Cincinnati, I received the materials for Block G in the mail, but since I didn't have Block F finished, I didn't want to start on it. Well, this morning I managed to get it all prepped for stitching - and it's a much smaller block (plus 3 more of block M), so I should be able to finish it on time this month.

Yesterday I picked up my April blocks of the month from Quilter's Attic, and went ahead and stitched them up - I really like how they are very scrappy - Civil War fabrics with 1930's fabrics with much more modern fabrics (over the course of 4 months so far), and the colors are very scrappy too.

Eldon has 16 blocks that each contain 8 little log cabin blocks, plus 9 alternate blocks comprised of 4 little log cabin blocks each. That's a LOT of little log cabins (they end up with little half inch pieces, finishing at 4½ inches square). Since there are so many, I thought I should probably go ahead and get started on them because it takes a lot longer to get these finished than the 16 strippy stars. Here is my second set of 8 (the first set is already set into the first star block I made back in 2012). This just looks like 3, though the middle is actually a stack of 6.

I managed to piece 4 brown anniversary star blocks this afternoon, so that goal gets marked as completed!

I think I'm going to go try to get a little hand quilting in on CC's flannel plaid blankie before bedtime. Looking forward to some more quilting and stitching tomorrow and Tuesday before heading back to work on Wednesday. I just love vacations!

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