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Sunday, May 05, 2013

I love weekends

Especially when I can go play in my sewing room a bunch during them...

I have been working on and off on the purple hexies that I started in Cincinnati last month. I finally got enough basted and put together to call it a block for the new quilt I want to make - Over the Rainbow by Tacha Bruecher. I haven't trimmed it yet or put the border on, but here is my first purple hexie block.

I plan to pull out my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt soon and work on another row. Did I mention that I finally got my hexie die? Now I can quickly cut out the fabrics (perfectly), and it keeps me from having to use scissors (which can aggravate RSIs).

Saturday morning I decided to get started on my June Country Baskets block and just couldn't stop. I finished the paper-pieced basket bottom, and prepared the appliqué top. Last night while watching television I blanket-stitched most of the pieces down. I finished the rest of the blanket stitching this afternoon.

After I finished the machine stitching for the Country Baskets block, I looked at my table full of fabrics and could not resist cutting additional strips and piecing them into strip sets for Eldon. I now have all of the strip sets I need to complete the diamond stars for Eldon.

I actually only needed to make 7 more sets, but after I made the 7th one, I started picking up fabrics to move them and realized I had pulled out another set earlier in the week and then forgot about it. I couldn't leave this set out (the teal-to-yellow set, far left in the last photo above), so I went ahead and stitched it up. I think I might use my class block as a pillow top or put it on the quilt back.

And now I am going to pull out my cross-stitch and do a little slow Sunday stitching. I think I'll work a little on Mirabilia's Deco Spirits.

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