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Saturday, May 11, 2013

May's chunky churndashes

Here are May's blocks, picked up and pieced together today. The bottom left looks smaller than the others, but that's because of the angle of the photo and how I rearranged it in my graphics program. They are really all the same size.

I picked up the finishing kit part 1 today for this quilt, and hope to do at least a few blocks each month so I don't have a whole lot of them to put together at the end. When I get a couple put together, I'll show them to you - they will be blue and cream hour glass blocks, and I really like the fabric that Quilter's Attic chose to make available to us.

And just because I can't stop looking at them - here are my 8 Eldon stars on the wall so far.

Roughy is now an indoor kitty, instead of being the indoor / outdoor boy he was until day before yesterday. Thursday I noticed that he wasn't feeling all that well - when he came inside in the afternoon, he went straight to the craft room and laid down in the "bottom bunk." He didn't ask to go back out after dinner, which was unusual. Friday morning, I noticed he was limping slightly (not bad), so I kept him in all day. When I got home from work, he was limping a little worse, so I tried to take a look at his leg. He squirmed, and I didn't get a good look but couldn't see anything with a cursory inspection. After I put him down, I decided to go ahead and take him to the vet (we had been through something similar last year). Apparently in his squirming, an abscess on the back of his heel burst, so it was a good thing I had already called the vet - they had an opening immediately, and into surgery he went. I was amazed it was that bad, because he had shown NO signs of anything before Thursday.

We got to bring him back home Friday night, so no overnight stay. The doctor must have told him to keep his leg elevated, because he was doing that all last night and today.

He is feeling much better, but of course, we will have to get through the unhappy kitty being told he can't go out stage... hoping it won't be a long one...

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