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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Eight-pointed strippy stars

I finally got all of my eight-pointed stars for Eldon sewn together, and here they all are on my design wall.

I had only made up one set of log cabin blocks (which is what I'll be working on next for this quilt) before I finished the last of the stars, and here I've just laid them up on the design wall around one of the stars I finished sewing up today. I was afraid before that the dark logs might be too dark/bright, but I really like them around this block! Lots of 1 inch strips to be sewn in the future! :)

With the month only half-gone and a few staycation days in my future, things are really looking bright for all of this month's goals to be accomplished on time. I may actually get to work on some other projects as well before the end of the month. Woohoo! :)

Oh, and I managed to talk my new eye doc into letting me get a prescription of just-for-stitching glasses that have an additional +1 magnification. Got them Thursday, and they are perfect! Keeps me from having to try to work around a magnifier or use an additional set of +1 cheaters on top of my regular reading glasses.

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