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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Getting it done in June

I managed to meet all of my May goals, though I wasn't sure I would complete one of them until last weekend. My steam was beginning to run out, but it all came together at the end. Here is a recap of those, all completed!

1. Complete the May blocks for the SSS 2013 Block of the Month quilt. Done!!
2. Complete the Fall Frolic block of the month (should be H). Done!!
3. Finish binding the Rockin' Rail Fence quilt. Done, and CC is quite pleased with his new quilt.
4. Put the SSS 2012 Block of the Month quilt top together. Done, and I have picked out the backing fabric, so I just need to seam that up and take it to my longarm quilter to be quilted.
5. (Bonus goal) Paper piece the June Country Baskets bottom half and prepare the appliqué top half. Done, and I actually finished the appliqué, plus pieced the top and bottom halves together.

June goals

1. Complete the June blocks for the SSS 2013 Block of the Month quilt and have 25 alternate blocks completed by the end of June.
2. Complete the Fall Frolic block of the month (should be I) and make 20 of the HSTs that will be used in putting it together, minimum.
3. Finish the super secret project that I haven't mentioned on this blog yet - I won't be able to show it until end of July, but I want to get it finished well before the deadline.
4. Finish putting together the additional 8-pointed stars I have cut out for Eldon.

I am taking off a couple of extra days this month to play in my craft room, and hopefully that will really help me put a dent in those goals! I have some other things that I would like to accomplish, but not until numbers 3 and 4 are completed. I really want to get back to working on Clifford's Bear Chase and Jared Takes a Wife (oh, and the June Calendar block), so we'll see how things go with the other projects this month.

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