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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gifts, cross stitch stash, and succumbing

I wasn't the only one who shared prezzies with the group, and so I thought I would show you what I came home with.

A mug rug from Terri, a pin cushion from Annette, and a magnet from Pat - coordinated! The magnet says "cross stitchers are hot" :)

Cheryl showered us with gifts in her version of Dirty Santa. I got this cute Mocha Rouge Vera Bradley case (holds a pair of glasses nicely), a Mill Hill beaded ornament kit, and a bottle of Orly - Monroe's Red (not pictured in this photo).

And I chose these from the free / trade pile on the table (from a couple of people, but I can't remember which was from whom).

I love Mirabilia mermaids, and have been thinking of getting Bluebeard's Princess for a while now especially.

As if those weren't enough, we went shopping at the Stitchin' Post, and I limited myself to one magazine and 3 Mill Hill kits, LOL! CC has already asked me to stitch the Happy Halloween skull on the front cover. :)

One of the other non-stitchy things that lots of the girls brought to trade / give away was nail polish. Up until this point, I had resisted this new "hobby" but I finally succumbed to peer pressure (and the joy of just looking at the pretty colors) yesterday. I had stopped wearing it a couple of years ago because my nails are short, and I keep them that way mostly because of my work (lots of keyboard work) and stitching. Also, I had NO idea how to properly apply it - I didn't use a base coat nor a top coat, and the colors I liked to wear (dark) would end up staining my nails. Also, there are a LOT of new polishes on the market now. It's a whole new world since I last bought polish. The girls were happy to educate me and to send me home with this:

Yes, most of that is very dark, very blue or purple or green. :) Black on black is my first choice to dive into (oh, and I'm starting to learn about combining polishes for sparkles, but I'm not going to do that just yet). I call them my hacker nails - or Abby nails (if you watch NCIS). I have a lot of clean up to do (with an elf brush generously donated by Cheryl), but they are painted and curing now. What have I gotten myself into? :)

Edited to add photo of my black on black - love it!

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