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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

And a nice holiday off for CC and myself. I took off yesterday too, and spent most of both days in the sewing room. I worked a little on Jared Takes a Wife (those units go slowly), and then switched gears to Clifford's Bear Chase. I managed to put the final 6 bear paw blocks together this afternoon.

Now that project will move to the pieced sashing stage - once I cut the sashing pieces out. :)

I also finished 8 more High Cotton blocks, and need to cut some more pieces out for that one so I can continue to use it as a leaders and enders project. This makes 50 blocks pieced so far. I can see now that I need to add some more blue (I only have one blue fabric - 2 blocks, and one sort of turquoise blue fabric - 2 more blocks so far).

I've pulled out Magnificent Wizard from the shelf and have been working on the wizard's beard. I think I'll work on some more of that tonight.

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