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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quilting stash enhancement

One of the things we did this weekend during our get-together was go out to a local quilt shop and, well, shop!

I was looking specifically for pink fat quarters, as I don't really tend to use pinks in my quilts, with the exception of the pink and brown quilts that have been blocks of the month. Since pink is up next for my hexie blocks, I wanted to get a nice variety. I also was looking for a nice black on black print for the little one-half inch frames that go around the hexie blocks. I didn't want to do a solid, but I didn't want something to distract the eye from the focus - those wonderful inner hexie parts. I found both, and a little more...

Here are my new fat quarters. Yeah, there are a couple of other colors besides pink in there (and the little raccoon fabric was too cute to pass up - top row, far right).

And here is my new black on black print for those skinny frame border pieces.

Once I put them all down on the floor, Stilts decided one of two things - either they were hers, or she thought that if she sat on them, I wouldn't leave again anytime soon. Oh, my dear clingy cat-child.

I opened them all up this morning from their rolls, and got a little bonus that I couldn't see while they were all rolled up. Two of them are not the same pattern or color throughout.

So, it's like I got 4 in one and 2 in the other (I will try to use the border print in my hexies - I really like it!

I also picked up a charm pack of The Morris Apprentice (Barbara Brackman). My colors, definitely.

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