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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 1 of my Virtual Quilting Retreat

I didn't get to accomplish as much today as I had hoped, because DH wanted to do all of our running around today and get that out of the way - fine by me, because that means we'll get to stay in tomorrow and I'll have more time to play then.

I finished squaring up the 70 HSTs for Fall Frolic that I started working on a couple of weeks ago. Now I have 130 of the 195 required for this quilt. I will wait to finish the rest until after I receive the final 10 fabrics with next month's block, so they can be mixed in with some of the previous fabrics.

Here are my HSTs so far, in groups of 10 held together by safety pins, which makes it very easy to count - thanks to Bonnie Hunter for the tip!

And I finally finished Block 1 of Chateau Hexagon last night. I am not thrilled with my satin stitching, especially of the heart, but DH said it looks like a heart to him, and I picked it out and restitched it 3 times, so I'm leaving it. My satin stitching will probably get better as I go along. I do like my lazy daisies, and as I mentioned before the french knots. The space in the middle is where the birdhouse button will go once the quilt is finished - I'm going to wait until then to attach it.

My plan for tomorrow is to work on either Bear Chase or Jared (or both), but we'll just see what screams the loudest once I head into the sewing room in the morning. :)

Happy Virtual Quilting Retreat Weekend!

By the way - I just realized I didn't explain how this weekend came about. A couple of stitching / quilting friends and I were talking about quilting retreats back in July, and we decided we would set aside one weekend a month to "get away" to work on our quilting projects. Since we are so far away from each other, and actually getting together every month would be cost-prohibitive, we decided to make it a virtual quilting retreat.

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