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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 2 of my Virtual Quilting Retreat

Today I worked on Clifford's Bear Chase. Now that I have finished all twenty bear paw blocks, it's time to start working on the units that go together to make up the sashing strips and squares.

First thing I did was cut 50 WOF 2-inch strips with my die cutter. That seriously cuts down on the time it takes to cut the strips, and helps prevent shoulder pain from repetitive motion from that much rotary cutting.

I combined those with plaid strips that were previously cut and made these units.

Then I started making additional units that will combine with those to make the sashing strip sections.

And those that will combine to make the sashing 9-patch squares.

I'm planning to work on this quilt some more Friday, since I'm taking off a few days around the holiday. Hoping to make some really good progress!

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