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Sunday, August 11, 2013

My well-established problem

... which is - I see something I want to do, and I go ahead and either start it or sign up to start it SOON.

Just as I am winding down my Fall Frolic block of the month (this month and next are the final installments), I stumbled across a new wool felt appliqué block of the month that is just too beautiful not to do. Rainbow Garden starts in September, and well, of course, I had to sign up for it. Here is the model photo:

And their blog post about the new block of the month program has close-ups of the first three blocks.

This afternoon I fused Fall Frolic Block K and got it ready to stitch down.

Since I mentioned them in yesterday's post, I thought I would go ahead and share my progress on Bluebeard's Princess and Chateau Hexagon.  I am still waiting on my silks and beads (hoping they will arrive this week), so this is just DMC and one metallic.

I'm taking my time with Chateau Hexagon, since it is my first embroidery stitchery, ever (other than the Textured Floral wool one I have in progress that I REALLY need to get out and finish already!). I refer to the directions and model photo all the time to make sure I'm doing this right, but I have to say - making french knots look good on this are easy-peasy compared to doing them on cross stitch fabrics. And making backstitches look good is much easier on cross stitching fabric vs. here, because there is a specific length on cross stitch fabric, and here I just wing it. I think lazy daisy stitches also tend to look prettier on regular fabric for embroidery than cross stitch fabric. Trade-offs for each.

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