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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Block of the month a week early

I had to run up to the quilt shop yesterday after work so that I could go ahead and pick up my block of the month. Being on call two weeks in a row, I didn't want to chance that I'd get halfway there and have to turn around to deal with a work emergency.

So I went ahead and picked up September's block(s) of the month, and now they are finished. This month's blocks are not as bright as last month's blocks, but they are very pretty nonetheless. Do you see the paw prints in the compass fabric? Too cute!

I also had to pick up some more fabric for the alternate blocks. I will eventually find where I put the remaining fabric from the first 30 that I pieced - I just don't know when I will find it. And I didn't want to take the chance that I wouldn't have enough, and they might have sold out of all of it by the time I realized that.

So today I finished up those alternate blocks too - all 49 are now ready to be pieced into the quilt in December when the remaining blocks are done.

Last night I finished the blanket stitching around the appliqué pieces, so this morning I also finished piecing that block together. Now both July and August are ready to be quilted. Perhaps I could work on September this month too...

I also picked up backing fabric for Clifford's quilt, so now I just need to run over to Ruth's and pick out a quilting pattern. Maybe one day next week after work...

And I'll leave you with a sight often seen (and heard) around our house - Stilts, having just finished putting the pillow down from her mouth (where she had been howling with it), is telling us ALL about it.

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