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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Um.... wow

As I mentioned to some friends recently, I have completely lost my mind - again. :)

I had heretofore said that I would not buy the Wind in the Whiskers kit by McKenna Ryan because it is SO detailed and huge, and I just didn't think I was up to it. And now I'm eating my words.

Today, the kit for the first block came in the mail, and my jaw dropped when I saw it (that's a whole lot of fabric!). Then I realized, it contains fabrics for the entire quilt, not just the first block. I don't plan on starting this soon, but once again I couldn't help myself from going ahead and ordering it once I changed my mind.

I never imagined I would do any appliqué quilts. A couple of appliqué pieces on pieced quilts here and there, but never a huge, fully appliquéd quilt. Just goes to show you how things change. :)

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