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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Getting ahead of myself

All week I've been planning on going to the quilt shop this weekend to pick up my quilt block (second Saturday), and then I finally realized yesterday that, no, I was trying to get ahead of myself - that isn't until next weekend. Excellent, another weekend in the month! :)

I went and picked up Clifford's Bear Chase Thursday, it looks fabulous, as usual. Spent some time chatting with Ruth, catching up, then brought the quilt home. I need to get the binding cut out and sewn together (haven't even started on it yet). Maybe in the next few weeks.

Tuesday night, last night and this morning I worked some on the Country Basket blocks for September and October. I did all of the paper piecing, then assembled the basket halves. I still need to blanket stitch the top halves, then I can assemble those also. But I wanted to see how they were going to look, so I laid them out on the table to take a photo of each.

September in progress

October in progress

Then I picked up some squares and HSTs and got to work on Fall Frolic. The pieced borders are all that I have left to finish the quilt top, so I made a plan. I read the instructions first, and thought - NO way. The instructions said to piece a single round of squares together and then add those to the quilt. Then piece a single round of HSTs together and add those to the quilt. Then piece a final round of squares together and add them to the quilt. That seemed silly to me. I figured that I can do the 3 "borders" together much more quickly and easily. If I put the side borders on first, that's 26 segments of 3, leaving 24 segments of 3 top and bottom. The first side border is pieced and attached!

I've got a new quilt coming up - for a co-worker's daughter. Waiting on some fabric that I ordered, and I will need to figure out the "sashing" fabric that I'll use - more about that soon.

I also ordered a book I found while searching online for something else (and it came in the mail today, squeee!). A quilter whose work I admire very much (she was my inspiration for the tiny blanket stitch hand appliqué that I've fallen in love with doing on the Country Baskets and the Blocks from the Past quilt blocks) made this Bloomin' Beauties quilt from the book Flower Festival by Kim Schaefer. This is a definite future project for me!

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