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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Taking advantage of the day off

I had yesterday off, so I decided to really take advantage of it and knock out one of those goals. After I woke up and had breakfast, I moseyed into the sewing room, and quilted and finished those two Country Basket blocks. Here are both of them hanging in the frame on the wall. I'm keeping August up for now, but I want more than ever to get caught up, so I'm going to also try to get October's block done this month.



I also put a few more stitches into Bluebeard's Princess, and will now put it away in order to work on TWOctober projects.

One thing I am struggling with is my Grandmother's Flower Garden. It is halfway pieced, and even though I went ahead and took the plastic templates out of the outer edges (all except the current row), it is heavy and harder to manage now. I'm thinking about going back to trying to do individual flowers, just not sure how well that's going to work. I'm also thinking about changing over to paper pieces, but again - not sure how well that will work, if that will affect the size of the pieces, since the plastic templates are a little thicker than the paper, even though they're both the same size. Since I have so many things going, I'll give it some more time to simmer. :)

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