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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The upcoming project

I received my 10" squares of Kaffe Fassett fabrics in the mail yesterday. Here is a small sampling (there are 40 each in 2 packages, and with these large-scale prints, there will be some overlap, but probably not identicals).

And this is the quilt that I plan to make. It's called Carousel Lap Quilt by Kim Schaefer (yes, the same one whose Flower Festival book I just bought!). I borrowed this one from my public library.

I plan to use a white-on-white fabric for the lattice strips, and picked this out at The Quilter's Path this afternoon while visiting with Marita, the shopowner. I'm going to be taking a needle turn applique class with her later this month, looking forward to that!

I also went to take a photo of Clifford's quilt this afternoon, but waited too long, and the sun was half on and half off the quilt. Looks like I'll have to wait and try again tomorrow. Happy Dancing on that - the binding is on, and all I have to do is attach a label!!!!

Oh, and I may make some others groan at this, but I've decided to re-do my first Hop To It block. In looking at it now, I don't like the stems (the curves are not as smooth as I'd like, and I know I can do better), and I really don't like the background fabric - it is too light. I also think I'd like to go with gold instead of the bright yellow accents. I'll take some pictures later of the new background fabrics I picked up at Marita's also.

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