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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Seasonal stitching

The weather has changed here, and it's definitely feeling like Autumn (if not Winter some mornings!), so I pulled out my Pumpkin Patch pillow and worked on it some this past week.

I also finished the blanket stitching for the December monthly basket block.

And then I pieced the block together, so November and December are both ready to quilt now.

Today I worked on some more of the Eldon log cabin blocks. I got two sets of 8 and one set of 4 pieced.

And I now have the last 4 sets of 8 cut and ready to piece.

I had surprise help today. Usually Stilts is my little quilt helper, but today Candy decided to join me in the craft room. She, of course, supervised, and it wore her out.

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