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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Virtual Quilt Retreat, Day 2

First up, my happy dance, which is also my husband's happy dance!

This is his flannel blankie #2, finally finished. He's a very happy camper to have another one to replace the first one I made him (in 1998), which has been loved so much that it's been retired - if we wash it one more time, it will likely fall apart.

After completing a few chores, I went back in the sewing room, and pulled out my Country Baskets project box. I have just two more of these to do to have all of them complete. I did the paper pieced basket bottoms first, then fused the tops of each. They're ready to blanket stitch now, so hopefully I will get finish that this month. It would be nice to have November finished before Thanksgiving.

November in progress

December in progress

Some might say I have a problem... my local quilt shop was having a fat quarter sale, including batiks, and I brought home these yesterday. I have no project in mind, I just bought them because they were pretty and on sale...

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