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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Celtic Solstice Clue 2

I wanted to go ahead and get this posted, then I'll get back to sewing. Here is my first of Clue 2 - 99 more to go (I am making the small version of this quilt).

To see more progress on this quilt by other quilters participating in this mystery, check out Bonnie's link-up post

And as a quilter with shoulder issues, I can't sing the praises enough of my die cutter. I bought the Sizzix because I knew that I could also use the Accuquilt dies in it. Up until Friday, I had just tried using it with a cardboard shim, but when Pam mentioned the adapter, I knew it would be a good investment (cardboard tends to flatten over time, and there is the experimentation that you have to do to get the right amount). I've just finished cutting some more 2-inch squares. These are done with my Sizzix 2-inch strip die - I cut the strips, then turn them and cut the strips into squares. I also did that with my 3½ x 2 inch green pieces - cut them into 3½ inch strips, then cut those strips on my 2 inch strip die.

I've marked up my dies with the silver Sharpie pens so I can easily see the blade placement plus ¼ inch on either side. Ebony Love of Love Bug Studios has a lot of great tips and tricks for using die cutters.

Updated to share my first 10 units.

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