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Friday, March 21, 2014

And the project planning continues

I should unsubscribe from all the emails I get if I really don't want to continue buying more stash, LOL.

This time it is yarn. I just ordered enough light celery green skeins (the color is actually named "ginger") and a cream ("natural") accent skein to make my most ambitious crochet project yet - a sweater!

I am confident in my crochet skills that the pattern itself should not pose any problems. Where I lack any experience, however, is with the shaping and seaming into a garment. I have looked at the pattern, though, and it appears to be fairly straightforward. I WILL do a gauge swatch for this, because it's so much more important for a sweater than an afghan. :)

The V-neck tunic pattern is free on (formerly known as


Prima Donna said...

Yes, being incapacitated can be rough on the pocketbook. When I had my rotator cuff surgery, I bought laptops for all my grandchildren, my daughter, and myself. Good thing I had a job to go back to. LOL

Lynn said...

How on earth is that celery green yarn called Ginger?!!? Weird name, but pretty color!!!

Hope you feel better soon. Recovery time is ALWAYS longer than we think.