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Monday, March 03, 2014

First PT appointment

Today was my first physical therapy appointment, which went pretty well, after we finally managed to get there. We had an ice storm of sorts overnight, so the streets were more than a little slippery.

I have a new slate of exercises / stretches do multiple times a day for range of motion. One of them involves sitting with my arms on top of a table and rolling back to stretch the shoulder gently. I found the perfect place to do them at home - at my Bernina sewing desk. Not only is it the perfect height, but it helps me focus on the end goal, getting back to quilting! As I do the stretches, I can dream about all of the quilting I will get back to doing someday soon.

And getting better at free-motion quilting is one of my goals for this year. I really need to practice more, and intend to do just that in a few months. Until that time, I can dream about it. :)

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