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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More Tula Pink stash

Late Saturday I received another package I had ordered of Tula Pink stash. I was not sure just what would comprise the stash, and was just really hoping I wouldn't have too many duplicates of the Acacia and Birds and the Bees fabrics that I had just received. I did have a few duplicates, but was very pleased with what I got. For the record, I ordered the City Sampler starter kit (32 fat-eighths of a variety of Tula Pink fabrics) and the super charm pack of 100 5-inch squares from I Heart Tula Pink. There were 50 fabrics in the 5-inch squares pack, 2 of each.

Collections, top row, left to right:
Acacia, Salt Water, The Birds and the Bees, one fat eighth from Nightshade, Prince Charming, Parisville, Plume, Hushabye
Bottom row (starts in the middle), left to right:
Nest, Flutterby, and Full Moon Forest

Honestly, I did not expect much from the older collections, and was quite pleased to see so many from them. I will have a very nice variety when I start a couple of new quilts that I plan to make with these, City Sampler and Peaks and Valleys.

I was showing CC my Pinterest page of Cool Quilts, and he has picked another one to be his "next" quilt. It is a gorgeous shaded pineapple quilt that was shown at Paducah AQS in 2009. I believe the photo shows it to be by Kathy Wilson, entitled "Tropical Gradation", but I'm not totally sure because it's hard to read the photo.

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