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Sunday, June 08, 2014

I have a deadline

So I thought I should get cracking on finishing a quilt. We are going to a wedding for a friend's daughter at the end of the month, and so I have a new recipient for Jared Takes a Wife (the original intended recipients aren't getting it because they are getting a divorce, which was a huge shock to us, and we found out second-hand, so apparently we aren't as close as we thought we were...). Anyway, back to Jared...

I had trimmed the excess fabric last weekend. This is the back of the quilt, folded into quarters.

This weekend, I pressed the binding fabric - I really like this pattern.

And then I created my continuous bias binding. Very little rotary cutting because the shoulder is still not ready for that yet. I marked and cut with scissors most of it.

I pressed it in half and actually sewed it to the top of the quilt. Now I have a few weeks to slowly stitch it to the back and put a label on it. Hopefully my shoulder will continue to improve so I don't have any setbacks. I plan to take it slow and easy.

My little helper joined me, as always. I think she was very pleased to be back in the sewing room with me. Of course, I had to bring in another chair so I could actually sew. :)

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