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Friday, July 04, 2014

As promised, cross stitch!

I have been working on Chatelaine's Desert Landscapes Mandala off and on since the last progress photo (mostly off due to the surgery), but I recently got it back out and finally finished the very top rectangular panel. That is part of part 4. Part 3 is still not finished because I haven't finished the feathers in the corners yet. Will try to complete one corner the next time I work on this.

A closeup of the top panel:

And a shot of the whole thing so far:

I sewed up those last ten blocks for High Cotton and put some of them up on the design wall. This is half of the quilt. I'll just need to use the other blocks to make the bottom half. Actually, I need to pull out the solid squares and arrange them around the outside before I start piecing the blocks into rows. Since everything is already cut, I should be able to work on this pretty easily to get it put together. I like how the new colors give it a little punch.

Stilts made it her job to ensure I ahem can't overdo...

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