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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Confession time

I had brunch with my girlfriends Tuesday, and we were sharing some of our latest projects with each other when I confessed to them that I just wasn't in love with my Celtic Solstice quilt. I LOVE the individual fabrics, I just don't love them all together the way they are - they just are too bright for me. I showed them a picture of it on my design wall, and told them I was going to go ahead and finish it, but then I'd decide who I was going to give it to. That's when Ariel said she would take it - not only would she take it, but she would take it as is and finish it too! She might have asked me what size socks I wear also (she knits too). :)

I feel very good about giving her the quilt to finish and love - it definitely fits her way more than me (she loves bright and bold). So I came home and took it down off my design wall and folded up the layers for her to finish piecing. I am marking it "finished." This was my first Bonnie Hunter mystery, and I doubt it will be my last. I still enjoy seeing others' versions of the quilt, and it was definitely not a bad experience. I will remember the lessons learned when I start the next quilt. And sometimes it's about that - the lessons you learn - and not about finishing.

Then I started putting up some other blocks on the wall (High Cotton). I wanted to see where the holes are, which colors are missing. I have about 9 or 10 more blocks to make and then it can start going together. I took a photo of about half the blocks I have currently pieced.

Basically I decided on a red, a reddish-orange, an orange, and two yellows.

I am looking forward to the holiday weekend. My co-worker is on vacation for a week, so I'm covering for both of us, and was pretty steadily busy today (maybe some customers will take a vacation day tomorrow!). I am still working on my stamina, but getting better. I plan to start doing some walking again also, thinking that will help my energy level.

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