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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The start of my V-neck tunic

Back in May I tried to do a little crochet, thinking that it wouldn't be too difficult. I quickly learned that it used muscles that weren't ready for that type of work, and put it down knowing that I would come back when I was ready. This was how far I had gotten.

Since that time, I have gotten it back out, put it back away, gotten it back out, and put it back away. I have made very slow progress on it. But today I was able to actually crochet several new rows, and here is my current progress.

It is coming along!

I hope that it will turn out nicely. The yarn is 100% cotton, which can be heavy. I almost wish I had picked an acrylic / wool blend or something with a little bit of a halo because that's how the model looks to me in the photo. This is a closeup, and there is definitely no fuzziness to the yarn, which is the recommended Patons Grace.

I am definitely enjoying working on it now, so it will go into the "rotation" of projects I have in progress. If I get ambitious, I might finish it before next Winter ends. :)

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