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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Playing catch up

I've been working on my knitting a lot lately, but I thought I'd catch you up on the other projects I've been working on also.

The first is a new cross stitch start - I'm hoping to finish this before the end of the year, since it's a small design. It's a Mill Hill Buttons and Beads kit, Night Owl.

Next up is the quilt that is now on my design wall, Eldon. I am working on setting in the rest of those log cabins to the strippy stars that I've already pieced. Here are the two I've set in over the past week.

And my blocks on the design wall so far. Only the far upper right block is complete with the background diamonds set in. I wanted to do one to see how it was going to look. Now I need to get the rest of the stars set in with the log cabins and then I'll work on setting in those background diamonds to all the rest.

Finally, my beads came back out to play for just a bit. While I was out west, I visited a bead shop which had little chunky bead sets on sale. I picked up a few different colors and some magnetic clasps. I pulled out my 6/0 bead stash, along with some other spacer beads and came up with this arrangement.

I have two more sets to make, one pink and one purple. They will be hard to give away, as pretty as they are! :)

I am working my way up my knit sweater back, so I should have a photo of that to share next time. Toodles!

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