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Sunday, September 07, 2014

A lightbulb moment

Even though I'm over 6 months out of rotator cuff surgery and healing well, there are still some things that have aggravated my arm when I've tried them, and one of them, believe it or not, has been handwork. Cross stitching, hexie piecing, and blanket stitching appliqué to name a few. It has been so aggravating, because I love my handwork.

Then I realized why it aggravates my arm (when something like knitting doesn't). I am trying to use the same length of thread that I used before my surgery, and it's just too long. When I use shorter lengths of thread and am mindful of how far I am stretching out my arm, then it doesn't hurt. Light bulb! :)

I actually fused this piece back at the end of March, knowing that I wouldn't be able to stitch it for a while. I just wanted to do something at the time. Since then, I have stitched on it off and on for short periods at a time, and that is why it has taken so long to finish it. Now I can finally present block 4 of A Rainbow Garden (with a little closeup of the french knots in the middle of the flower).

Since it's a block of the month, I'm way behind due to the surgery. I've received block 12, and should get block 13 in the mail in a week or so. At least I know I have a lot of pretty stitching coming up, already kitted. I went ahead and prepped and fused the pieces for block 5, which looks to be another lovely block. I adore the background flannel on this one.

One more "rainbow" related project update before I go - I finally finished piecing the second blue hexie block for Over the Rainbow last night. This one I planned out a bit more than I usually do when piecing them. I like the effect, but don't want to overdo it, so I'll probably go back to randomly piecing the next one.

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