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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Things are slowly coming together

And yes, I realize that is because I have so many things going on. ;)

I finally finished the other sleeve on my first raglan cardigan sweater, and I just started knitting the left front piece. Here is the back and the two sleeves laid out on the floor, flat.

That was earlier this week. Then last night I finally put the finishing stitches into block 6 of A Rainbow Garden, and I love how it looks. The only thing I'm noticing (and this just seems typical of the kits from Primitive Gatherings - and it's not too much of a complaint, more of an observation) is that the colors of the backgrounds are much, much darker than the model photo. I wish, just a little bit, that they were closer to the colors of the model on the cover of the pattern. But then, I know that many pattern photos are nowhere near the same color as the actual stitched piece (hello, Mirabilia patterns?), AND I know that PG are kitting this up from their shop fabrics, and not necessarily trying to match exactly what was used in the pattern.

Below is the model photo (and here is the one they took at a quilt market, I believe). This block is the middle one on the left. It's quite a difference. Not enough to keep me from doing all of these and loving them once I've put them all together, of course, just a little darker than I was hoping for when I first fell in love with the design.

I have just pulled out block 7 and it has a similarly dark background fabric. I'll be prepping it for stitching soon.

Anyway, now on to today's fun. I know that my pink hexie blocks have been languishing in their box, just waiting to be finished, so I pulled them out today and set to that. I finished trimming them and adding their borders, and I even went ahead and finished one of the blue blocks, even though I only have two of the blue hexie blocks pieced so far. I LOVE the way these look.

I wonder what's on tap for tomorrow? Perhaps I'll play with Anniversary Stars or maybe I'll work on creating the binding for the Chunky Churn Dash. The good news? I took Monday off as a vacation day so I can play all day in the sewing room if I so choose! :)

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