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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

An a-ha moment

So... I was knitting along on my sock last night, and I realized that it doesn't look exactly like the model. It's very close but while I have pretty eyelets on one side, I don't have any eyelets on the other like I should have (and yes, I have been doing my yarn overs).

I thought about it some more as I continued to knit around and then thought about how it was so easy to knit some of the yarn overs but not very easy at all to knit the others. That's when I really looked at the yarn overs. They are between changing from knits to purls or from purls to knits. Because of this, it's like a wrap and a half either forward (purl to knit) or back (knit to purl).

The knit to purl yarn over works great. But it's the purl to knit where I have my problem, both with having the eyelet show up and with knitting that eyelet on the next row. Like I said, I really looked at it. And I realized what is causing this. When I wrap the yarn changing from knit to purl, it mounts the yarn over backwards. And I am then knitting into that backwards-mounted stitch like normal instead of either reorienting the stitch or knitting into the back of it. That's where I'm losing the eyelet completely, because it twists the stitch, drawing it up.

As Charlie Brown says, "Aaauuuuugghhh!!!" I have - count 'em - three projects currently in progress that do this! Okay, so I'm going to continue on the way I've been going because two are over halfway and the sock is almost to the heel and I do not want to start over on any of them. But from now on (in new projects), I will do it the way that VeryPinkKnits shows in this video tutorial.

I wasn't sure if anyone else had run into this problem, so I thought I'd put it out there. Maybe most people just "get it" much more quickly than I did. :)

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