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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Fiber in the Boro and a Happy Dance!

First, my happy dance, since that actually happened first. Sorry for the blurry picture, but I just haven't been able to get a better one yet. I also need to wash and do a little blocking, then maybe I can get a better photo. I finally finished all of the seams and wove in all the ends on my first cardigan sweater late Thursday night!

I just had to wear it Friday. I am so happy with it. It really boosted my confidence at created a knitted garment. I really appreciate having access to things like Craftsy classes on my schedule (and being able to watch through as many times as I need, repeating sections that I might not have understood the first time through). I made a medium, which is a little roomy, but I always planned to wear something underneath it, so it works for me.

Then I braved the cold that blew in Halloween night and Saturday morning and I went to Fiber in the Boro. This was my first time at the event, and I didn't know what to expect. I didn't take any classes, because (as I know I have mentioned before) I do not need another hobby like spinning or weaving. Thank goodness that even though I saw some demonstrations, the desire to do any of that myself did not hit at all. There were quite a few vendors, with hand-dyed yarns, hand-dyed rovings, weaving looms, and more. I even got to see a sheep being shorn, although they had to immediately put a coat on the poor thing because it was so cold outside. There were also alpacas and angora rabbits out in the barn area, so there was actually quite a lot to see.

I started out with pretty good intentions - I was going to walk around the vendors and make mental notes, and once I'd gotten through everything I would go back and decide if I really wanted to buy anything. Well, that lasted for all of half of a room (there were two large rooms). And once I started, it seemed there was no stopping me. I wanted to buy all the pretties! Here is a photo of my new stash enhancement. The canvas bag holds a new oak yarn swift. I have had a yarn ball winder for a while now, but had to rely on CC holding my skeins in order to use it. This thing is really nice. It is hand-made here in Tennessee. And the best thing is it is really easy to put together and take back apart and store away.

I won't go into the individual yarns, but I did happen to get some hand-dyed ones, and I'm looking forward to expanding my knitting horizons and experiences!

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