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Sunday, December 14, 2014

A couple more happy dances

I finished another gift hat, this one is for my nephew Chris.

Once I finished it, I decided that a little selfish knitting was in order, and so I finished my Saroyan Scarf. I've been wearing it around all weekend. I LOVE it. This photo is not the best, but it shows it off alright. It is wrapped from the front around my shoulders and back again.

I wore it to the Yarn Bus and promptly purchased some yarn for new projects I will be starting next year (or maybe I'll cast on Christmas or New Year's Eve?). My friend Teresa over at A Quilt and a Prayer has already made one Ombre Infinity cowl and recently purchased kits to make some additional ones. I love hers, and I loved these colors, so I bought this kit. Aren't the colors just yummy?

I also picked up yarn to start my next sweater. Haus of Yarn is planning on a top-down sweater KAL in the new year, and I am joining them. I chose a different pattern than the one that is the "official" design (and that is okay) - I bought the pattern for Beck by Dani Sunshine after seeing Aimee's beautiful one on the Knitting in Circles Podcast. I've been back and forth about what yarn I wanted to use (and I may do this one again in a stashed yarn if I like it enough), but I went ahead and bought some Berroco Folio to use. Now to swatch and confirm measurements before I begin! The top teal is my main color, and the gray is the accent around the yoke. I decided to go for a subtle accent this go-round.

Having finally pretty much gotten through my recovery (I still have a little stiffness in the shoulder but I've been told that is not unexpected), 2014 has turned out to be a pretty decent year. I expect great things of 2015!

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