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Monday, January 19, 2015

Pre-retirement stash building

I'll start this one off with a couple of quilting photos. Since I had today's holiday off from work, I spent a little time in the sewing room. I worked on Eldon and finished sewing in the background diamonds of the 8th block, so the blocks are officially halfway done.

Last night I was looking through Instagram and happened upon a picture of Tula Pink's forthcoming line, True Colors. I know I will have to get the entire line (May 2015), but to satisfy my Tula craving last night, I brought out Hex on the Beach and finished row four (and just barely started row 5).

I also made a larger zippered bag using my favorite of Tula's Acacia line, and this one is big enough to hold my sweater knitting project.

Now to the stash enhancement I mentioned last post... I guess I'll start with the most recent. The Yarn Bus came to town this past Saturday, and I enjoyed visiting with the girls as well as bought a few things...

I wanted to make another Age of Brass and Steam, so I bought Malabrigo Arroyo in Lavanda. This will be for another girlfriend.

I also bought some more Malabrigo Rios (worsted weight yarn) in Indiecita - this color way is just gorgeous and I've been eyeing it online. I will probably buy some in Arroyo (the sport weight) when I get the chance.

And finally, on the bus, I saw a beautiful shawl and decided it will have to be mine. It's the Palmyre shawl, and it was knit with Kenzie HiKoo. I decided to go with the exact color way as the model.

Earlier I ordered a few skeins of worsted weight hand-dyed yarn from a couple of Etsy shops that came in the mail. The first is from a new dyer in Missouri, Show Me Yarns, and this is a one of a kind color way, so totally me.

Then I ordered two skeins of worsted weight from MarigoldJen yarns. The first is Sidewalk Chalk, and the second is Pumpkin Latte.

I'm thinking of making mitts or mittens or a hat.

Oh, and I am taking several classes at Stitches South, which will be in Nashville for the first time this year. And for those (some of which involve color work), I bought some skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash from a pre-Christmas Craftsy sale. Two colors are actually sweater quantities of yarn.

I keep telling myself that I'm building my pre-retirement stash, right? Yeah, retirement is still a LONG ways off...

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