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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some stitching to share

I pulled out my Pumpkin Patch Pillow to work on a little bit this week. I'm still not able to stitch for extended periods of time, so it doesn't seem like I make much progress. I have made it almost all the way over to the upper right corner.

And then I worked on block 7 and finished all of the embroidery / embellishments for this block. I am doing much more like the actual pattern calls for vs. how much the BOM model was stitched with (which is very little in comparison). I really like all the extras; they make each block shine.

Today I prepped block 8 so I can begin stitching it down. I actually did start it tonight and I love how it's coming along already. I still find it hard to believe these blocks are over halfway done now. Of course, I have all of the block kits now as well as the finishing kit (other than the backing fabric) so I just have to make time to do it. Along with all the other projects! :)

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