Sunday, August 02, 2015

Doodle-head Stitches Episode 10, Two Happy Dances

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Show Notes

Knitting: I finished my Stella shawl! I also started and finished a beaded knit Pioneer Cuff.

I have knit over half of the final of six colors in the gradient Seven Sisters Yarns used in my Sea Dragon Shawl by Ambah. I'm hoping to finish it before the next podcast episode.

Quilting: The Jungle Baby quilt blocks are pieced, and now I just need to lay them out and start sewing them together.

I also finished piecing all of the blue hexagons for the 7th block, and have trimmed all blue blocks square. I'm now adding borders before I move on to the green hexies.

I broke down and purchased a new appliqué die - I want to make a Butterflies quilt. I also got some Batik layer cakes which might be used to make the butterfly quilt. Edyta also shows in a video how to use the die to make a butterfly block.

Crochet: My Scrappy Sock Yarn Granny Square Blanket now has 58 attached blocks, with many more ready to be attached.

If you're interested in the Susan Bates crochet hook changes, there is some interesting information at Ultimate Crochet Hook Review: Susan Bates controversy. Ambassador Crochet has a good write-up of the differences on the Change in Susan Bates Hook Design blog post. Susan Bates silvalume crochet hooks have been my favorite, and I am definitely not happy to learn that they have changed them. I will be much more careful with the ones I have (not to lose them).

Cross Stitch: I'm working on Part 4 of Chatelaine's Desert Landscapes Mandala. I really want to finish this section before moving on to a different cross stitch project.

Miscellany: Mom and Dad stopped by the Fiestaware outlet (Homer Laughlin China Company) on a recent trip they took, and they brought us some souvenirs - this is perfect!

Spooky House mug with Spooky House project

Happy crafting everyone!

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