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Monday, September 21, 2015

Cross Stitch WIPS musings

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about my cross stitch projects -- about the projects I currently have in progress, and about the projects I'd like to do some day (sooner rather than later). This has led to some serious re-evaluation of those current projects, many of which are large and for which finishes are far in the future, based on the amount of time I currently spend working on cross stitch in relation to all my other hobbies.

I have kept a little table on a page in the cross stitch section of my web site, and it is very easy to pop that over into an Excel spreadsheet and sort by one column or another. Today, I sorted by Date Started. This was my result:

Date Started Project Name
5/12/2001 Celestial Dragon
6/11/2001 Enchanter
7/29/2001 Magical Night
8/6/2001 Dragon Ride
1/13/2002 Pageant Kings
11/10/2002 Magnificent Wizard
1/7/2003 Egyptian Sampler
6/8/2003 Aurora
6/8/2003 Avatar
11/22/2009 PS ABC Quilt
1/17/2010 Kitty Litter
2/27/2010 Spooky House
9/15/2010 Textured Floral (crewel)
10/9/2010 In the Garden
1/16/2011 Deco Spirits
4/25/2011 Desert Landscapes Mandala
8/4/2011 Chinese Dragon Gate
12/5/2011 Use It Up Sampler
5/11/2012 Around the World in 80 Stitches
8/8/2012 Pumpkins Pillow
8/1/2013 Bluebeard's Princess
6/26/2015 Feathered Friend

Of course, I know what happened back in 2001. I've probably even blogged about it before. I found a wonderful online community of stitchers, and my whole world opened up. The Teresa Wentzler Bulletin Board was a wonderful hangout, and with it came lots of enabling. I had stitched Teresa's design, "The Castle" and then found so many other designs that I wanted to have. Of course, to have those designs, I had to stitch them. But instead of starting one, and working on it singly before starting another one of her designs, I felt the need to start four (and then another one in 2003).

Fast forward a little bit, and I have completed several Black Swan Designs patterns which I absolutely adored, Cymberleah, Dragon Heart, Merrick, and Lucien. Then I found a couple of their other designs which I liked okay, but not as much as those four. So, I decided to go ahead and do those too. I was like, "start and stitch ALL the things!" Unfortunately, I still haven't come to love those two designs, Aurora and Avatar, as much as I love the other ones. In fact, I've completely fallen out of like with Aurora, even through she is probably the closest to being finished of my large projects.

So, I'm taking a look at my list of Cross Stitch WIPs with a critical eye, and I'm going to be paring them down. A lot. I'm going to pull each project out and decide whether I really want to continue it to the end, or if I would be happier to just say it has done its duty. Perhaps someone else would like to finish it for themselves? I'm thinking I'll put up a list here within a few days of all of the projects I plan to abandon. We'll see where it goes from there. I may offer them up for the taking, or I may just de-kit them (or a combination of the two). I know this: I will not feel guilty about them, whatever my decisions. I'm looking forward to working on some of the other lovely designs I've had in stash for years that I've been unable to start because of the piles and piles of unfinished WIPs taking up space on the shelves.

Edited to add one project which I'd forgotten, and which wasn't in my table

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