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Friday, January 06, 2017

En Provence in progress

Today is normally a day that my girlfriends and I get together, but it was snowing this morning when we woke up, and middle Tennessee is not a place where we like to play in traffic in the snow.

So I meandered into my craft room and set to work doing some more pressing, cutting, and sewing for the En Provence quilt. I have a lot more cutting and sewing to do, but I wanted to share Clue 6 that is finished.

And right after Bonnie released Clue 6, she released Clue 7. Boom!

Like I said, I have some more cutting and sewing to do, but I just had to put some pieces up on the design wall and see how things were going to look. I put up some of the units, checking to make sure they were all oriented in the right direction.

The first thing that struck me was that these yellows are quite light. So I swapped them out with some other yellows.

Those looked really good to me. So I wanted to see just how dark I could go - I have some really pretty dark golden yellow fabric, almost brown though.

And that looks almost too dark to me. But this is supposed to be a scrappy quilt, and I don't want to try to find more golden yellows that are about the same value as the middle ones. I want to use all of the ones I picked out of my stash. So I set about trying to figure out how I'm going to arrange the blocks using them all. I laid them out on the floor. I thought perhaps darker ones on the outer ring leading to lighter interior ones, but I wasn't happy with how that looked.

And then I thought light in the upper left corner to dark in the lower right corner. I am much happier with this. It makes me think of a sunbeam filtering down.

And here I've made a few more units for Clue 7, and put them up just to see the layout a little better. This is all I've done so far. Once I have all of the units made, I'm sure they'll be rearranged to ensure it looks scrappier, but I'm pleased so far.

If you'd like to see how other people are working on their En Provence Mystery quilts, check out Bonnie Hunter's En Provence Parts 6 and 7 link-up for lots of other inspiration!

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